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Recently Laura and Seth, who are members of our visitor services team, went to San Josef Bay with Cove Adventure Tours and here is their take on the day. It was AMAZING! The tour starts at 8:30 am when you are picked up in Port Hardy and you are greeted with the smiling faces of your tour guides Chris and Leah.

To get to San Josef Bay you travel on the Holberg road, a gravel active logging road for two hours. After which you will arrive at the San Josef’s Bay trailhead and hike 45 minutes to the beach. While you can take your own vehicle, with Cove Adventure Tours you can relax and arrive ready to enjoy your experience of San Josef Bay.

Chris and Leah have amazing stories of Port Hardy and about the history of the Cape Scott area to make the 2-hour drive seem to go by quickly. In Holberg they make a stop at the Scarlet Ibis Pub enjoy a bit of the history of Holberg.

Scarlet Ibis Pub Holberg

As we walked to San Josef Bay from the trailhead we stopped to check out the unique growth patterns of some of the trees. The trail to San Josef Bay is super easy and doesn’t even seem like 45 minutes.

Cape Scott/San Josef Trailhead
Large Ceder
Old Growth in the Cape Scott Provincial Park

San Josef  Bay is breathtaking and you’ll see no other beach like it. With Cove Adventure Tours you travel around the beach and they also supply you lunch! It’s great to feel the sand between your toes and check out the cool tide pools.

Holberg Dock
San Josef Bay


San Josef Bay












On your way back you can either stop at Ronning’s Garden, the Fossil Beds or the Holberg Dock depending on your preferences. Sadly there was a pet boar on the loose so we did not go to Ronning’s Garden.

At around 4:30 you arrive back in Port Hardy having enjoyed an eventful day. The trip in all was super fun and we highly recommend going to San Josef Bay with Cove Adventure Tours, or even on your own.

At the Port Hardy Visitor Centre we believe that the best way to describe an experience is to have the experience.  Thank you to Cove Adventure Tours for making this experience possible.






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Outdoor Adventure Tourism in Port Hardy

tex lyon trail

Descend into cold depths of the emerald sea, explore in and around tall trees, and expect the unexpected from Port Hardy. Whether you enjoy diving in world renowned cold waters, catching salmon of a lifetime, or hiking amongst various terrains –– Port Hardy has many outdoor adventure tourism experiences readily available.

Hikes and Walks

Follow the footsteps of the Kwagu’ł ancestors on the Commuter Trail (also known as Fort Rupert Trail), which takes you through first and second growth forests. Take a leisurely stroll through the Quatse River Nature Trail, along the Hardy Bay Seawall, or Storey’s Beach. If you’re feeling ambitious, then challenging the Tex Lyon Trail would be a great option. Learn more about these hikes and trails on our previous blog post.


The Queen Charlotte Straits is known as the best cold water diving in the world. This was proclaimed by underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, who said, “the best temperate water diving in the world and second only to the Red Sea”, while talking about Vancouver Island, including Port Hardy. The only way to understand Cousteau’s bold claim is to experience it for yourself with a diving charter or lodge. For it is a whole different world, under the dark blue ink of the Pacific Ocean, and into what is known as the Emerald Sea.


Port Hardy was recently titled as the best place to fish in Canada by Expedia. This is rightfully so because there’s a lot of fishing opportunities, fresh water and tidal, within the nearby Port Hardy waters. From salmon, halibut, and other bottom fish, such as red snapper and lingcod in the open water. Also, various trout within nearby rivers and lakes surrounding town. Our local sport fishing charters know all the gems

Learn more about water adventures on this page.