Van Isle 360 is Coming!

The Van Isle 360 is a biennial (odd year), 580 nm. point to point race circumnavigating wild and rugged Vancouver Island, B.C. Sailed in a series of legs the course provides inshore, offshore and overnight legs through some of the most stunning and challenging waters on the planet. Now in its 20th year the race will reach Port Hardy on Wednesday, June 5th.

Over the next month we will be introducing you to the the competitors in the 2019 Van Isle 360.

First up we have

65_Red Roses coming back after losing her rudder of Port Hardy in the 2017 race. Skipper and Crew were well prepared for the mishap receiving positive comments from the Canadian Coast Guard Lifeboat Cape Sutil for their seamanship. The team is pumped and looking forward to the 2019 race.

Sail #: CAN 38

Skipper: Bruce Chan/Alex Smyth

Province/State: British Columbia

Yacht Club: West Vancouver Yacht Club

Type: J/111

Designer: Johnstone

Builder: J-Boats

ORC GPH: 572.9

LOA: 11.085 Meters

Beam: 3.266 Meters

Draft: 2.221 Meters


Next on our list is The Alegria X , she returns to the Van Isle after finishing second in her division in 2015.


Sail #: CAN 4501

Skipper: Eberhard Heinzemann

Province/State: British Columbia

Yacht Club: Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Type: Dufour 45e

Designer: Umberto Felci

Builder: Dufour

ORC GPH: 581.4

LOA: 13.6m

Beam: 4.3m

Draft: 2.318m

The Back Bay is returning for her second go round is a passionate rabble of sailors from Alaska, Anacortes, Vancouver, Albuquerque and Oakland who have sailed and raced together over the last 5 years on this classic Cal 39. The goal is to keep improving on every race!

Sail #: 8939

Skipper: Peter Schoenburg

Province/State: New Mexico

Yacht Club: Berkeley Yacht Club

Type: Cal 39

Designer: Lapworth

Builder: Jensen Marine

ORC GPH: 633.5

LOA: 11.841m

Beam: 3.847m

Draft: 2.168m

Blue was built in the Pacific North West in 2013, where she raced for a few months before heading to the Great Lakes for 5 racing seasons. Blue returned to the PNW to prepare for the 2018 Pac Cup. After successful Southern Straits, Swiftsure, Round the County and Pac Cup, we look forward to the 2019 Van Isle 360.
Sail #: USA 1717

Skipper: Michael Schoendorf

Province/State: Wisconsin

Yacht Club: South Shore Yacht Club

Type: Riptide 41

Designer: Paul Beiker

Builder: Betts Enterprises

ORC GPH: 485.9

LOA: 12.539m


Draft: 2.913m

The Blue Joy sailed from Portugal to Cost Rica and spent some time enjoying the warm waters. She is enroute to Vancouver via container ship for her first circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.

Sail # GBR8416R

Skipper: Trevor Treharne

Province/State: British Columbia

Yacht Club: Vancouver Rowing Club

Type: J/120

Designer: Bob Johnstone

Builder: J Composites

ORC GPH: 594ish – in progress

LOA – 12.244 m

Beam: 3.670 m

Draft: 2.169 m


Outdoor Adventure Tourism in Port Hardy

tex lyon trail

Descend into cold depths of the emerald sea, explore in and around tall trees, and expect the unexpected from Port Hardy. Whether you enjoy diving in world renowned cold waters, catching salmon of a lifetime, or hiking amongst various terrains –– Port Hardy has many outdoor adventure tourism experiences readily available.

Hikes and Walks

Follow the footsteps of the Kwagu’ł ancestors on the Commuter Trail (also known as Fort Rupert Trail), which takes you through first and second growth forests. Take a leisurely stroll through the Quatse River Nature Trail, along the Hardy Bay Seawall, or Storey’s Beach. If you’re feeling ambitious, then challenging the Tex Lyon Trail would be a great option. Learn more about these hikes and trails on our previous blog post.


The Queen Charlotte Straits is known as the best cold water diving in the world. This was proclaimed by underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, who said, “the best temperate water diving in the world and second only to the Red Sea”, while talking about Vancouver Island, including Port Hardy. The only way to understand Cousteau’s bold claim is to experience it for yourself with a diving charter or lodge. For it is a whole different world, under the dark blue ink of the Pacific Ocean, and into what is known as the Emerald Sea.


Port Hardy was recently titled as the best place to fish in Canada by Expedia. This is rightfully so because there’s a lot of fishing opportunities, fresh water and tidal, within the nearby Port Hardy waters. From salmon, halibut, and other bottom fish, such as red snapper and lingcod in the open water. Also, various trout within nearby rivers and lakes surrounding town. Our local sport fishing charters know all the gems

Learn more about water adventures on this page.