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Scuba Diving Port Hardy:

By Jackie Hildering; The Marine Detective

The ocean around NE Vancouver Island is world-renowned for scuba diving with these cold, current-fed waters being home to an extraordinary diversity of life in jaw-dropping density and colour.

From the small to the giants, diving here is to immerse yourself in a world of amazingly mysterious and diverse organisms.

It is common to encounter more than ten species of nudibranch on a single dive. Giant Pacific Octopuses and Wolf Eels make their homes here, with whole communities of other organisms living around their dens. The walls are brightly painted with soft coral, multi-hued sponges and vibrant anemones. You may be fortunate enough to see a Steller Sea Lion swim by and, possibly most moving of all, is to be in a kelp forest, looking up at the surface, rockfish schooling around you.  See this video clip to get a sense of the beauty and biodiversity.

The local recreational scuba diving community recognizes the great privilege of living in this cold-water diver’s paradise and subscribes to a strict no-take, no-touch policy. They also advise that diving here requires a skill set beyond what is needed in most tropical areas due to the current and cold.

Recognition of how remarkable this area is includes: being named in National Geographic’s Ultimate Adventure Bucket List; receiving top ranking in Rodales Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards; and being referenced as second in the world for diversity of marine life by the Jacques Cousteau Society.

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Port Hardy and the surrounding waters are known for world-class fishing year round. While the ocean offers catches of salmon, halibut, and bottom fish in the summer, winter runs of Steelhead are common to local rivers. Whether you come to drop a line in the Pacific or cast out to the riffles of a river, Port Hardy offers a fishing experience to remember!

Port Hardy was named Best Place to Fish in Canada by Expedia. Read more about it here


Want to experience the thrill of reeling in a salmon or halibut on some of the richest fishing grounds of BC? Full or half day, Port Hardy’s sport fishing charters are available to give you the angling adventure of a life time. Experienced guides share their knowledge and expertise of the local waters to bring guests the best salmon and halibut fishing experiences the Port Hardy area has to offer!

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As you stand on the rocky shore of a river to pause to listen to the flowing waters of the river, a rainbow trout rises to your fly.  The lakes, rivers, and streams around Port Hardy are wild and rugged, much like the fish that inhabit their pockets, pools, and eddies. Cast from shore or paddle out by canoe, you are sure not to forget the beauty of the lakes and rivers, nor the fish that reside in them.


Know the fishing regulations prior to departing on your trip and don’t forget to purchase your license and salmon stamp!

Kayaking & Canoeing

As the sun rises, the only sound is the soft scrape of your hull, as you paddle away from the beach to an adventure you will never forget.  Trace miles of shoreline, explore tide pools, and take in breathtaking scenery. Paddle Port Hardy and the surrounding area for a day of unforgettable experiences and adventure. Connect to nature in the striking beauty of Hardy Bay and Beaver Harbour, explore neighboring isles and inlets, and view the endless wildlife.

As local rentals are not available be sure to bring your own kayak or canoe or embark on a self-lead or guided day trip into the Broughton Archipelago from a neighboring community.


Surfing & Paddle Boarding

A salty breeze, sandy shore, and ocean swell, all ingredients for a perfect surf. The secret of surfing on Northern Vancouver Island is growing. Ride waves generated thousands of miles offshore as they roll in, breaking along the shores of Raft Cove, Grant Bay, or San Jo. Staying local, paddle boarders can glide across the saltwater, trace the shoreline of Beaver Harbour and explore neighboring islands. A great way to unwind, these saltwater work outs are a perfect way to experience the true Port Hardy lifestyle.

Board and suit rentals are available in Port Hardy at the only surf rental shop on the North Island, Cove Surf Shop!

Be advised and play safe.

Raft Cove and San Josef Bay surf locations are not for the novice. Be prepared, familiarize with the weather forecast and tide predictions. Know that ocean and weather conditions can change rapidly and may be unpredictable at times. Current patterns on the west coast generate strong undertows and can pose a risk. Know how to exit an undertow and avoid surfing, swimming, and other water-based activities in unsafe conditions.