Your adventure awaits…at God’s Pocket Resort

God’s Pocket Resort is a destination eco-lodge that operates diving and kayaking trips in the God’s Pocket Provincial Park, which boasts some of the best underwater scuba diving on the Pacific Coast. Visitors travel to the resort by boat from Port Hardy.

Nestled in a protected bay, this rustic resort is immersed in nature. You will have access to National Geographic-style experiences, while enjoying a cozy space with a warm shower in every room and a home cooked meal on the dinner table.

God’s Pocket runs completely off-grid (even for your mobile phone!) and is focused on both leaving as little a footprint as possible (a constant evolution) and giving people a chance to re-educate about, and re-integrate themselves with/ nature (both above and below the waves.)

They have 3 boats onsite to help make your trip an amazing one, including the beloved ‘Hurst Isle’ with its renowned diving elevator.

Make your plans to visit in September!

After being closed for most of the summer, the good news is they are reopening in the month of September for re-bookings, and for individuals who are symptom free and already in Canada. This is a unique opportunity to spend a week diving at God’s Pocket during a season that is usually sold out! It’s also a call out to Canadian residents to come and explore your own backyard and help us all through an incredibly challenging time for Canadian tourism. Visitors can expect that prior to reopening God’s Pocket will post a full “COVID Protocol for Operations” on their website. They are busy pulling together the best practices from other tourism industry experts, dive organizers, accommodations, and food establishments. It is extremely important to them that everyone stays healthy while enjoying their time there.

For more information about how to book your adventure, and to see some really awesome photography visit their website

Your adventure awaits at Kwa’lilas Hotel

Kwa’lilas means ‘a place to sleep.’ The Kwa’lilas Hotel in Port Hardy is testament to the commitment of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw First Nation to share their history, culture and passion for their traditional land in a meaningful and permanent way. They have certainly achieved this in a beautiful, comfortable space that is representative of the community. This unique hotel features 85 luxury rooms and suites, all featuring local First Nations art work. The hotel boasts a First Nations-inspired restaurant, a nautical-themed pub, an exclusive gift shop and a specialty cafe, all of which are infused with curated art and complemented with genuine cultural activities.

Kwa'lilas Hotel
Kwa’lilas Hotel



The friendly staff at Kwa’lilas Hotel welcome you to enjoy your stay knowing that you are safe and in a fully compliant environment. Visitors can expect comprehensive sanitation, social distancing protocols and procedures in place to ensure peace of mind.




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