The Hidden Gems of Port Hardy

In any town there are little gems that can be found throughout the town. The gems that someone might miss by just dropping through Port Hardy. As a local I’m here to tell you what I would consider a hidden gem while growing up in Port Hardy.

North Island Lanes

Credit to Jin Kim

Yes, Port Hardy has a bowling alley. I always loved going there as a child and even now it’s a nice place to be. With such a lovely staff it’s a joy to stop in and have some family fun. They’re located at 7210 Market St, one of the busiest streets in town but I feel they often get overlooked, so a gem.

Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre

Credit to Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre

Another place that I loved to explore as a kid was the Quatse Salmon Stewarship Centre. With it’s inviting staff and awesome fish tanks it was a must see for most school trips. Since it is a little out of town located on 8400 Byng Rd, a lot of visitors do not see it and just pass by it. Visitors experience how millions of salmon hatch from delicate orange eggs and grow strong enough to embark on an incredible journey out to the open ocean and beyond!

Market Street Cafe

Credit to Trip Advisor

At a young age I always loved the baking from the Market Street Cafe. It has a lot of room for sitting and enjoying your breakfast. Sometimes I feel that it gets over looked since its on the corner of Market St. and Gray St. It has a nice classic vibe to it with some nice friendly locals to bring a smile to your face.

Cove Adventure Tours

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Credit to Trip Advisor

Cove Adventure Tours is an amazing company. A lot of visitors come in and ask to go to San Josef Bay but they don’t realize it’s an active gravel logging road. Cove Adventure Tours gets you safely to San Josef Bay and they spend the day with you! It’s a good day trip that you’ll remember for a life time.

Kimberly Kufaas Photography

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Credit to Kimberly Kufaas

Now this isn’t a place you can go but what’s better than a memory of an amazing trip? A photo! Kimberly has a breathtaking skill when it comes to photography. Being born and raised in Port Hardy you can find a bunch of amazing photos of Port Hardy by her online!


These are just a few places that I would define as hidden gems but there are so many more! Stop into the Port Hardy Visitors Centre to plan you next trip around Port Hardy and find out more!

A well deserved break awaits at Cafe Guido & Co.

When you are ready to take a break from your adventures, Cafe Guido & Co. is a must. They can be found in Port Hardy at 7135 Market St and this is a one stop multiple experience kind of place. On the main level and you will find the cafe itself, offering espresso beverages, fresh baked treats, including their famous scones, and a variety of salads and grilled paninis. Upstairs is home to their clothing store, Drift, featuring many Canadian brands. Downstairs is the Book Nook where you will find your next great read, plus an array of unique and lovely housewares and gifts.

Cafe Guido
Cafe Guido

Visitors can expect  protocols in place for your maximum safety and comfort. Indoor seating has been removed to allow the space to physically distance while you order food or browse the shops. Currently a maximum of 10 people are allowed in at one time. There are also markers on the floor to guide you throughout the building. The Market Street location is providing takeaway service at this time Tuesday – Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm.

If you are in a hurry you can try out the G2 Drive-Thru at 8945 Granville St, which offers the same drink menu, a variety of baked goods, food and a sampling of retail items, all in a compact drive through format. Customers can also take advantage of the walk-up window if they’re on foot. The G2 Drive-Thru is open Monday to Saturday 9 am – 5 pm.

Cafe Guido
Cafe Guido




The friendly staff at Cafe Guido are looking forward to seeing their BC neighbors!

For more information visit them on Facebook click here