Your adventure awaits at Kwa’lilas Hotel

Kwa’lilas means ‘a place to sleep.’ The Kwa’lilas Hotel in Port Hardy is testament to the commitment of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw First Nation to share their history, culture and passion for their traditional land in a meaningful and permanent way. They have certainly achieved this in a beautiful, comfortable space that is representative of the community. This unique hotel features 85 luxury rooms and suites, all featuring local First Nations art work. The hotel boasts a First Nations-inspired restaurant, a nautical-themed pub, an exclusive gift shop and a specialty cafe, all of which are infused with curated art and complemented with genuine cultural activities.



The friendly staff at Kwa’lilas Hotel welcome you to enjoy your stay knowing that you are safe and in a fully compliant environment. Visitors can expect comprehensive sanitation, social distancing protocols and procedures in place to ensure peace of mind.




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