Van Isle 360 Meet the Boats & Crews

The Van Isle 360 is a biennial (odd year), 580 nm. point to point race circumnavigating wild and rugged Vancouver Island, B.C. Sailed in a series of legs the course provides inshore, offshore and overnight legs through some of the most stunning and challenging waters on the planet. Now in its 20th year the race will reach Port Hardy on Wednesday, June 5th. During the lead up to this event we will be posting information about the competitors.

Meet the next round of competitors:

When we first acquired Fortuna direct from the factory, the plan was to just cruise. Funny how a race develops whenever two boats meet up, and so we entered the realm of racing. Smith Island was our first race, where we learned a lot! Oregon Offshore was next to get a feel for offshore legs, and now we are focused on getting Fotuna ready for Van Isle by stream lining for a crew of six. We are looking forward to the adventure.

The Fortuna

Sail #: 62

Skipper: David De Lanoy

Province/State: Washington

Yacht Club: Sloop Tavern Yacht Club

Type: C&C 115

Designer: Jackett

Builder: C&C

ORC GPH: Working on it – about 595ish

LOA: 11.5m

Beam: 3.654m

Draft: 2.052m

This will be the first Van Isle for Freja and her team. We are looking forward to the event to provide a test of our preparations for offshore events.

The Freja

Sail #: USA 2

Skipper: Jonathan Cruse

Province/State: Washington

Yacht Club: Sloop Tavern Yacht Club

Type: Aerodyne 43

Designer: R. Martin

Builder: Aerodyne Marine

ORC GPH: In the works (estimated 549ish)

LOA: 13.027m

Beam: 4.304m

Draft: 2.454m

This will be the first Van Isle for the skipper and Crew of Galmegi. We know she knows the way around the Island having won her division in 2013, and wish Jeremy and his crew all the best.

The Galmegi.

Sail #: 69307

Skipper: Jeremy Hale

Province/State: British Columbia

Yacht Club: Vancouver Rowing Club

Type: Ross 930

Designer: Ross

Builder: Hopwood Yachts

ORC GPH: 617.8

LOA: 9.290m

Beam: 2.810m

Draft: 2.078m

One of 4 TP52’s competing in the Van Isle 360, Glory will join MIST, Smoke and Sonic on the start line. John has been racing boats in the Pacific North West for over half a century.

The Glory.

Sail #: 88008

Skipper: John Buchan

Province/State: Washington

Yacht Club: Seattle Yacht Club

Type: TP52

Designer: Judel/Vrolijk

Builder: Goetz

ORC GPH: 447.4

LOA: 15.850m

Beam: 4.440m

Draft: 3.191m

Goldcrest is one of two CS 36 Sailboats operated by the Royal Canadian Navy’s Naval Fleet School Pacific. Her mission is to provide Sail Training Opportunities to summer students and students waiting for formal trades training. Goldcrest was commissioned 3 May 1985 and has served the West Coast since. She has participated in many prominent races in the Pacific Northwest throughout the years
In 2018 she was joined by her sister ship Tuna which was recently transferred from the East.
She is the second RCN ship to hold the name Goldcrest. The first was the sailing sloop Dontaff which was transferred to the RCN as a war prize from the German Navy after the Second World War.

The Goldcrest.

Sail #: KC2355

Skipper: Kevin Greenwood

Province/State British Columbia – Actually Canada

Yacht Club: Canadian Forces Sailing Association, Esquimalt

Type: CS 36

Designer: Raymond Wall

Builder: Canadian Sailcraft

ORC GPH: Currently underway (estimated at 670ish)

LOA: 11.125m

Beam: 3.505m

Draft: 1.890m

Having purchased Gusto less than 2 years ago, we decided to forgo a Vancouver Island circumnavigation cruising adventure for the 2018 Pac Cup, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Now in 2019 we look forward to racing around Vancouver Island, perhaps making a few notes for a return cruise.

The Gusto.

Sail #: 44119

Skipper: Holm Albrecht/Beth Miller

Province/State: Washington

Yacht Club: Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle

Type: Swan 441

Designer: Ron Holland

Builder: Nautor Swan

ORC GPH: Working on it (625ish estimated)

Length: 13.520m

Beam: 4.060m

Draft: 1.980m